Dr. Moein Momtazi

Dr. Moein Momtazi is a board certified plastic and reconstructive surgeon with subspecialty training in complex oncologic reconstruction, breast surgery and reconstructive microsurgery and lymphedema surgery.

Dr. Momtazi received his Bachelor of Science degree in Biochemistry in 2003 from the University of Winnipeg.

U of W

He went on to complete his Medical Doctorate from the University of Manitoba in 2007.

U of M

His residency training in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery was completed at the University of Alberta in Edmonton in 2014. As a surgeon scientist, Dr. Momtazi completed his Master of Science degree in 2011 in experimental surgery examining the role of immune cells in wound healing and animal models of hypertrophic scar.

U of A

His fellowship training includes complex oncologic reconstruction with a focus on microvascular reconstructive surgery completed at University of Texas, MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, Texas in 2015.


Dr. Momtazi has completed the Excellence in Quality Improvement Certificate Program through Temetry Faculty of Medicine at the University of Toronto.

U of T

Dr. Momtazi has an appointment in the Division of Plastic Surgery at the University of Alberta.

U of A

Dr. Momtazi is serves as the Course Director for the Canadian Plastic Surgery Review Course.

Clinical Interests

  • Microsurgery
  • Complex oncologic reconstruction
  • Breast reconstruction
  • Cosmetic surgery
  • Lymphedema
  • Head and neck reconstruction
  • Wound healing and hypertrophic scar

Current Research

  • LYMPHA in breast cancer patients: Minimizing the risk of lymphedema in breast cancer patients requiring axillary lymph node dissection.
  • The CARE Measure: Quality improvement study analyzing patient reported assessments of surgeon empathy using a validated, 10-question post encounter survey https://www.caremeasure.org

Certifications / Memberships

  • Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons of Canada (FRSCS)
  • American Society for Reconstructive Microsurgery (ASRM)
  • Plastic Surgery Research Council (PSRC)
  • Canadian Society of Plastic Surgeons (CSPS)
  • College of Physicians and Surgeons of Alberta (CPSA)
  • Canadian Medical Association (CMA)
  • Alberta Medical Association (AMA)
  • Licentiate of the Medical Council of Canada (LMCC)

Peer Reviewed Publications

  1. Economics of Lymphovenous Bypass – Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (2019) Linden K. Head BSc BPHE HBA MD, Moein Momtazi MSC MD
  2. Bladder Outlet Obstruction as a Cause for Late Total Flap Failure in Pelvic Reconstruction with a VRAM: A Case Report – Journal of Reconstructive Microsurgery Open (in press) (2018) M Stein, M Momtazi
  3. Tenosynovial Chondromatosis of the Wrist Presenting with Acute Carpal Tunnel Syndrome: A Case Report – Hand Surgery and Rehabilitation Apr;37(2):117-120 (2018) L Head, R Bradley, M Momtazi
  4. Morphologic and Histological Comparison of Hypertrophic Scar in Nude, T-cell Receptor and Recombination Activating Gene Knockout Mice – Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery 136(6) (2015) M Momtazi, P Kwan, J Ding, C Anderson, D Honardoust, S Goekjian, EE Tredget
  5. A Nude Mouse Model of Hypertrophic Scar Formation Demonstrates Morphologic and Histological Characteristics of Human Hypertrophic Scar – Wound Repair and Regeneration (2012) M Momtazi, P Kwan, J Ding, C Anderson, D Honardoust, S Goekjian, EE Tredget
  6. A Nude Mouse Model of Hypertrophic Scar Formation Demonstrates Histological and Morphologic Characteristics of Human Hypertrophic Scar – Canadian Journal of Plastic Surgery 19(A), 34A (2011) M Momtazi, P Kwan, J Ding, C Anderson, D Honardoust, S Goekjian, EE Tredget
  7. Investigation of an Athymic Mouse Model of Human Hypertrophic Scar Formation – Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery 127 supp, 58 (2011) M Momtazi, P Kwan, J Ding, C Anderson, D Honardoust, S Goekjian, EE Tredget
  8. Human Hypertrophic Scar-like Nude Mouse Model: Characterization of the Molecular and Cellular Biology of the Scar Process – Wound Repair and Regeneration 19, 274-85 (2011) J-F Wang, J Ding, H Jiao, D Honardoust, M Momtazi, H Shankowsky, EE Tredget
  9. Hypertrophic Scar Formation in the Nude Mouse Animal Model – Abstract – Canadian Journal of Plastic Surgery 18, 50 (2010) M Momtazi, C Anderson, J Ding, EE Tredget
  10. The Thoracodorsal to Long Thoracic Nerve Transfer: An Effective Surgical Treatment of Long Thoracic Nerve Palsy – Abstract – Canadian Journal of Plastic Surgery 16, 112 (2008) M Momtazi, J Olson, M Morhart

Published Book Chapters

  1. Chapter 11: Novel Methods for the Investigation of Human Hypertrophic Scarring and Other Dermal Fibrosis of Human Hypertrophic Scar – Wound Regeneration and Repair: Methods and Protocols, Methods in Molecular Biology vol. 1037 (2013) D Honardoust, P Kwan, M Momtazi, J Ding, EE Tredget
  2. The Role of Fibrocytes in Wound Repair and Hypertrophic Scarring – In: Fibrocytes in Health and Disease. R. Bucala (ed.) World Scientific Press, Chapter 7, Page 77-115 (2011) A Medina, J Ding, M Momtazi, EE Tredget

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