Richard V.

My first surgery of paramedian forehead flap was referred to Dr. Momtazi through the Ottawa Hospital Cancer clinical trial program. Dr. Momtazi’s professional and caring approach prepared me for this difficult surgery and was supportive throughout a smooth recovery. I’m very thankful to Dr. Momtazi and his medical team for the care I was given.

Vicki B.

Following an injury to my hand, I was referred to the Ottawa General Hospital for a surgical repair. I was fortunate to be treated promptly by Dr. Momtazi and his team. Throughout the surgical repair and subsequent appointments, everything was fully explained to me and I was treated efficiently and respectfully. Appointment times were always …

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Donna J.

As a result of an invasive lobular breast cancer diagnosis, I underwent a mastectomy in November 2016. I used a breast prothesis but over time, I became less content with it and I started to consider reconstruction. My original surgeon referred me to Dr. Momtazi with whom I could talk to about available options. The …

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Tom M.

My problem was, in layman’s terms, “Skin Cancer”. After an appointment with a dermatologist I was referred to Dr. Momtazi, a plastic surgeon. Because “cancer” has an ominous connotation Dr. Momtazi proved to be an excellent communicator as he was able to allay my fears and clearly explain what was involved in what had to …

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Beth C.

I met Dr. Momtazi on my last day of radiation. My friend who is also a plastic surgeon suggested I go see Dr. Momtazi to discuss my options for breast reconstruction after mastectomy. Dr. Momtazi immediately put me at ease; I knew I was in the right hands. Fast forward one year, I have now …

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Charlotte A.

My introduction to Dr. Momtazi was in January 2020 as I lay on a hospital gurney, waiting for the third surgery in 35 days on my left shoulder. This was the first of the three operations in which Dr. Momtazi had been on the surgical team. The first and second surgeries were quite extensive, and …

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Sylvia M.

I was referred to Dr. Momtazi for a skin cancer issue during the time of COVID 19 that had gone undiagnosed for a long period of time. He is extremely comforting and reassuring and treats you professionally at all times. Dr. Momtazi and his team performed the surgery on my face very skillfully, leaving few …

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I would like to express my appreciation for Dr. Momtazi and the support he provided to me throughout the breast reconstruction process. I am also grateful for the outstanding service provided by Dr. Momtazi’s administrative assistant Jessica, who impressed me with her responsiveness and professionalism. As a breast cancer survivor who had undergone a mastectomy …

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Seventeen years after treatment of DCIS in my left breast I was diagnosed with lobular invasive cancer, a mastectomy was the best option to deal with it. I decided that if it was possible, I would want to have breast reconstruction. Thankfully Dr. Momtazi was referred as my plastic surgeon. My husband and I were …

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In January 2020, Dr. Momtazi removed my breast implants that I had as a result of reconstruction for breast cancer. I found him to be very professional, knowledgeable and I was so very pleased with the result! He is a no nonsense, straight shooter and gets the job done!  – M.W.

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