Local Flaps

A local flap is a technique in plastic and reconstructive surgery where tissue transferred from its original location (donor site) to an adjacent defect (recipient site) while maintaining its blood supply.

Advancement Flap

The flap is raised and advanced unidirectionally into the defect by stretching the skin, without rotation or lateral movement.

advancement flap

Rotation Flap

The flap is designed as a semicircle, which is rotated about a pivot point into the defect.

rotation flap

Transposition Flap

The flap is designed as a square or rectangle, which is rotated laterally about a pivot point into an immediately adjacent defect.

transposition flap


This flap is a designed as two triangular flaps, which are raised and reversed.

z plasty

Bilobed Flap

This flap is designed as two transposition flaps drawn along the radius of a circle.

bilobed flap

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