Regional Flaps

A pedicled flap is a technique in plastic and reconstructive surgery where any type of tissue is lifted from a donor site and moved to a nearby recipient site with an intact blood supply. This is distinct from a graft, which does not have an intact blood supply and therefore relies on growth of new blood vessels. Pedicled flaps can be converted to free flaps depending on the needs of the reconstruction.

Gastrocnemius Muscle Flap

The medial gastrocnemius muscle flap is not usually harvested as a free flap.  However, it can be and in addition microsurgical techniques can greatly enhance the mobility and length of the flap when used locally.  Rather than a distant free flap, it can be used as a local free flap.

Gracilis Muscle Flap

A long and thin muscle, the gracilis provides a reliable workhorse for reconstructive microsurgery. Both for wound coverage, and as a functional muscle transplant, the gracilis has wide reconstructive applicability.

Rectus Muscle Flap

The paired rectus muscles provide abdominal flexion and support for the intra-abdominal contents. The origin of the muscles is the pubic symphysis and pubic crest, while the insertion is the fifth to seventh costal cartilages.

All images and links used with permission from Dr. Rudy Buntic.

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